I named  this blog “Writing Improvements” because I am working hard on improving MY writing skills, habits, style and knowledge about all things literary, and I hope to meet all the cool people who will share their expertise with me while I appreciate their creations.

I would love to help newbies too, if anyone asks, I will do what I can. My English skills are pretty good, so that’s one area that I can give advice. And cats, if you want to know anything about cats, just ask me..

I am a Baby Blogger so please be patient with me for the next while until I figure out how to make all the buttons work!

Let’s talk about everything to do with writing!

I am having an exciting year so far, creating tons of new stories and preparing them for publishing. I want to get published this year, or I’ll collapse trying.

I’ll share some of the things I am learning and maybe a story or two, here and there, just for fun.

My love of writing is never quenched, I can write for hours and hours and forget to eat, lost in the joy of it.

The first writer who captured my heart was Ray Bradbury. I was ten years old, stuck inside in the rain out at the lake with no t.v. or comic books. I picked up The Golden Apples of the Sun and I was hooked for life. Thank you, Ray, for all your crazy stories, you were one of the very best.


As evidenced by my profile pic.

Not a Photographer