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Button Probs

I have spent two whole days now, trying to figure out how to use all the buttons and what they do and none of them are the ones I want to change stuff. I already wrote a long blog several hours ago but I have not written anything on my stories because I have been too busy messing around with this new toy/site. Then I started reading all the blogs and four more hours went by. What is the point of being a writer if I spend all day playing with buttons and pictures trying to make a page that will help my writing? LOL I can’t make the pictures the way I want them, I can’t change the font colour in my title of my page and the stupid home, blog and contact buttons keep jumping back and forth and I can’t change their colours either. At one point I had bright orange borders and I couldn’t make them go away. I might have to write a really violent horror murder mystery after this, but I am so stubborn that I can’t leave it alone until I fix everything. At least I got rid of the flower pics, that was embarrassing. Well, have a good night/day and stay warm. Tomorrow I will write another writing blog, I promise. @#$%%& buttons.

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  1. Thank you so much for your reply and advice. I did decide to just leave it how it is for now, I am not wasting another whole day trying to fix it, I’ll figure it out over time. I do have trouble scheduling my day because there are so many distractions and you’re not always in the mood to do what you are scheduled for, but I’m getting better. It is fun so far, and meeting lots of nice people like you! Thanks and have a great weekend. KQ

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    1. Well, I spent two whole days messing around with it and now it is just going to sit there because I can’t waste any more time. I was getting myself in the habit of writing my fiction every day and I thought starting a blog would just take a few minutes every day to write an interesting article, but it seems that I get caught in loop of reading all the interesting ones and can’t stop, it’s like watching a series on Netflix! hahaha So, I will have to make new rules, only one hour a day allowed on WordPress, or some kind of punishment will be applied. Maybe no Netflix if I go over the allotted time. Thanks for your reply! I am probably going to upgrade but I wanted to do it for a while first and see if I will be able to keep it up. Things are always fun at the beginning but get boring pretty quick. I hope I will continue blogging. How long have you been doing it? Do you get the paid ads? I like that idea very much, lol. Have a good day, KQ


      1. I am writing a book and decided to try a blog/site to promote it, and I got caught up in the same things. I am writing a memoir, so I’m waiting for an agreement to use someone’s “works” in my book. Meanwhile, I paused on the book because no sense in continuing unless I get the agreement. I can still write it, just differently. I just started my blog in November and I posted a lot at first but now it’s slowed down. It just happens that way. I know what you mean about things getting boring, though. I’ve seen people post every few hours, once a day, once a week and once whenever. Lol. You can start a draft of a post if you get an idea, and then go back and finish it later. I set times for certain projects, and entertainment, since there is so much out there to do. I don’t ever get on Facebook, which saves a ton of time. I don’t do paid ads, as enticing as it may seem. It drives me crazy on all of the other pages that do, so I have an ad-free page right now. I hope to keep it that way. I say just post and figure out the techie stuff later. I accidentally published my page when I wasn’t ready, so I had to spend a couple of hours figuring it out right away so it didn’t look bad. Whoops. I’m still learning. Enjoy the WordPress and Blog adventure, it will be worth it if you don’t stress. In the big picture, most of the world doesn’t notice anyway. 🙂 So… just have fun.

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    1. Can you contact the site to find out why? I probably did something wacky and I am still having trouble liking and following some but not others, which I’m pretty sure is not supposed to happen. Thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate it. 🙂

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  2. When I began writing in 2009, I knew nothing about blogging, marketing and all that came with it, and I had many days where I was pulling my hair out. You will get the hang of it. My advice is to organize a portion of your time for writing only and the other for learning, marketing, the tools to use and networking, if you plan on monetizing or selling your works, you will want to build a platform. Marketing and networking can take a huge chunk of your time if you let it, it requires daily attention, but if you set a schedule and stick with it you’ll be fine. My best to your writing career!

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    1. Thank you so much for your reply and advice, I really appreciate it. I will try to organize my time better but it’s just the first few days of getting this page working have taken up ALL my time, lol. Today, even though I am not happy with the way the page looks, I am going to keep my schedule of two hours reading, two hours messing around on the internet and then as many hours as I can work on my writing until my eyes go blurry. Thanks for the support. With nice people like you helping me, I hope I will figure out everything eventually. Have a great day! KQ

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