Five Distractions from Writing

In creating this blog a couple of days ago, I realized it was going to become yet another distraction from my actual writing, but I made the blog to connect with other writers and learn about being a better writer! Ah, another excuse to add to the long list of things to keep me from getting down to work every day. But, I have decided to carry on, because I don’t have much connection with other writers and I know it will be good for my craft in the long run. I have already met some wonderful helpful people and it’s exciting to think of all we can learn from each other in this very cool way.

I came up with the idea to complain about the things that keep me from being productive. There are potentially hundreds of things on this list over the space of a year, but these are the five worst for me in my present situation.

1. Netflix. It’s way worse than regular t.v. or DVDs or listening to books on CD, because there is no end to it. You can turn it on in the morning and watch an entire series in one day, then a movie, then another series and there are so many that you can’t possibly watch them all and they keep adding new stuff. It’s like crack t.v. I used to joke about watching it until my eyes bleed but I actually think it’s possible.Β 

2. Computer games. I used to have one or two games I liked to play while relaxing in the evening, and you can play most games WHILE watching Netflix, but now I have Steam and hundreds of games of many different kinds and some of them take 5 minutes like Freecell and some of them take a few days, like Endless Space or Civ Beyond Earth. On the weekends I play over the internet with my sons and there is nothing I enjoy more. I have to turn on the computer to write, but Steam is right there, with all those games ready to play. Some days it takes a will of iron to open Microsoft Word instead of The Sims3.

3. My cats. I love them like the surrogate grandchildren they are, and they love me as much. I would love to be able to have them on my lap or on the desk as one lady suggested, while I write, but there are 3 of them. As each one gets enough attention, the next one jumps up and wants a turn. This goes on every moment of every day. I had to drag my desk and computer into the far corner of the study and keep the door closed while I write or nothing would ever get done. You can’t write horror with a snuggly warm adorable fuzz-face licking your hand while you type, it just wrecks the whole mood. As I sit in here and type I feel guilty and I get all the pouting and dirty looks when I go back into the other part of the house after being away for hours, but it’s just got to be that way, as I tell them over and over but they don’t want to hear it.Β 

4. People. They call, they pop in, they text, they want you to pay attention to them just like the cats, and no amount of telling people that you are writing seems to work, they figure you can just go back to it later. When I am writing it’s a thing I can’t explain to people who don’t write, you have to do it while you are in that mode, you can’t just take a break and go back two hours later and have the same thoughts and creative flow. When it hits, it hits, and I have worked very hard this year to keep it going. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings but I would rather write than talk about the weather, Donald Trump or Bitcoin. I just don’t care about anything when a story is falling out of my fingers, it must come out immediately. I hope I still have friends left next year. lol

5. Other stories. One of the worst problems I have had as a writer is while I am working on one thing, another thing keeps popping up and wanting to get written, sometimes shoving it’s way into the story I am already in. It’s very annoying when an alien keeps trying to worm its way into a horror short story or a sci fi story keeps trying to have ghosts or something ridiculously not sci fi. I try to file the idea away for next time and sometimes even stop to write it down, but I wish there was a filter lady in my head who would keep that stuff under control when I am trying to concentrate on the story at hand. It’s very rude, I think.

I really like the blogs I am reading on here and I know I am just a newbie but thanks for reading mine and I promise I will get better. I want to be one of the cool kids!

Have a great night/day.


3 thoughts on “Five Distractions from Writing”

  1. hehe I certainly know how distracting can be, but welcome to the platform anyway- it’s tons of fun! (if a great way to procrastinate πŸ˜‰ ) Oh gosh you’re so right about Netflix- it’s addictive!! I’m trying to just stick to watching individual shows- but it’s super hard to not just binge everything at once (like the glutton I am πŸ˜‰ ) And yup- lol- people are *so* distracting. hahaha I really relate about other stories and ideas worming their way into stories where they should really not be!! I keep trying to tell my subconscious to *stay out* of it, but it doesn’t always listen πŸ˜‰ It’s why I always end up with a ton of stories on the side that I’ll work on “one day” πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes, I just watched another series yesterday, got nothing done but it was so good! lol I also have a million story ideas, I started writing them down to make them go away for a while but they keep nagging. I think it’s the opposite of writer’s block, when you have so much creativity that it’s like a waterfall with no dam, just keeps pouring down and you try to catch it all in a tiny bucket that is your time every day. I guess it’s better than being blocked, I shouldn’t complain. I guess it takes practice and discipline, which is why I made the blog, to practice having a regular schedule every day instead of just flailing around willy nilly. It’s not working yet……………………hahaha

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