Why Do So Many Writer’s Use Apostrophe’s In’correctly???

I read over 30 blog’s today. About half of them have the incorrect use of apostrophe’s, randomly placing them after word’s that have no use for them! Sadly, all the blog’s I am reading are by writer’s. Otherwise intelligent writing is completely invalidated by this mistake, and I am surprised at the number of writer’s doing it. They don’t just go before any old S, people! They are only for ownership, such as “Fred’s car” or “Miles’ car” or in a name like O’Malley. When you throw them around like popcorn in all your sentence’s and use them for every random word that use’s an s you look like a fifth grader who’se parent’s haven’t checked your homework yet! I really enjoyed reading all the great stuff about writing but if you want to be taken s’eriously, you have to get rid of this bad habit and learn better English. If it’s not your first language, this is an important thing to learn. If it doesn’t belong to someone, don’t put aĀ  ‘Ā  . I put a few in this blog to show how bad it look’s. I ran the proofreading button at the top here and it doesn’t even catch them, so don’t trust that. Thanks for listening and I hope this helps people. : )

5 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Writer’s Use Apostrophe’s In’correctly???”

  1. Hahaha, I love “Apostrophe Catastrophe”, I think I will steal that! Thanks for your comment. I love your posts and get a lot out of them regarding insights into the Aspie world, I know some Aspies very well and most of the stuff you say is spot on. But, as for the ””’ problem, it amazes me that the same people who do this silly thing are some of the people criticizing other people’s writing! It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so darn sad. Pot, kettle, black, my friends, pot, kettle, black. You have a great day! KQ


    1. Thanks, I had fun writing it, having a little rant about bad English, but I shouldn’t be such a snob. I think it shows an example of people who do not read enough, because if they did they might learn how those little things are use’d. Hee hee.

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