Let’s Try This Again.

I neglected this blog for almost two years and have not done nearly as much writing as I could have. It’s winter again and I am geared up to start producing more finished works and write articles in here. I now have 8 cats rather than 3, don’t ask. It was not my idea, it just “happened”.

Anyway, when I’m not changing litter boxes or breaking up fights, I have a whole box full of ideas to work on and I’m debating with myself over whether or not to start putting some of the short stories on here. I would love to share them but I’m paranoid of theft and criticism, not necessarily in that order, lol.

Stay tuned and keep on pounding that keyboard, the stories ain’t gonna write themselves, as my son is fond of reminding me. Talk to you soon. I’m going to read some other blogs to see what you have been up to… I’ll be back later.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again.”

    1. Thanks! I just realized today that I was not getting any of my comments, sorry for the delay! I have 3 stories done now, it’s hard work but so exciting when they are done. The cats have snuck into story #3, again, they are so sneaky, lol.

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