The Spring of Craziness

I have a few things to say about how crazy this Spring is becoming.

First of all, and this is really bothering me, why doesn’t everyone already have soap at home and already wash their hands regularly? Why is it a thing now, that people are mobbing the stores for soap? It makes me wonder how dirty and nasty all you people were before this??? Ew.

Secondly, the CV virus does not cause diarrhea. It is a respiratory virus involving the lungs, not even giving you a runny or stuffy nose, just the lungs. Kleenex might have been a wise choice to stock up on if it was causing runny noses, but it doesn’t. So, why is toilet paper the first thing people think of to stockpile? Why not cases of canned chicken soup, or vitamin pills, or lots of healthy vegetables and fruit and other foods? If you don’t have food you won’t need all that TP, and if you get sick, you might not have much of an appetite anyway, so all that TP is just going to sit there, taking up space in your house, gathering dust. Also, why do you need so much? If you run out, you can use Kleenex, paper towels, paper napkins, all kinds of other paper around the house, unless you live under a bridge. It is scary to watch the entire world devolve into toilet paper-scavenging idiots. Fistfights in grocery stores over that last roll. This is what the human race has come to in 2020. We are surely lost.

Thirdly, most people who are able to stay home and hide for a few weeks or work at home are the ones who can afford to. The ones who can’t, who have to go to work even if they are sick because they have no benefits, are the ones who are serving the public and will spread their germs all through the land. There is no point in hiding out in your cave with your ten gallons of hand soap and your four hundred rolls of toilet paper because the guy who delivers your groceries, mail or pizza has just coughed all over it and you will catch it anyway. It’s too late to avoid it.

Last, but not least, learn your facts. CV is not Ebola. It will damage and kill many people, but if you are smart and keep yourself healthy and are in generally average health, even if you do get it, you won’t die. It’s not the Black Plague either. Older and vulnerable people can be taken to hospital and hopefully most will survive, but panicking and hoarding and spreading nonsense on Facebook is stupid. Most people who catch it, live. Many people will not catch it at all. Stay calm. Keep healthy. Drink lots of water, avoid sugar (damages the immune system) and take some damn vitamins, especially Vit C, well known to prevent and help to recover from viruses. If you do get sick, for the love of Mike, STAY HOME.

Common sense will see us through this one and the many more to come, courtesy of places like China. I hope nobody loses any loved ones and if you do, I’m sorry for your loss. Stay well.

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