Story Videos

I am considering making videos/audios of my short stories. I have no idea how to do this, so it’s a learning process. I can’t think of a better way to get my babies out into the light for others to enjoy. I am hoping to get some hard advice. Anything I should know before I start? Dos, don’ts, warnings, funny stories about mistakes you made doing this, all will be appreciated. My kids say, “just go ahead and do it, Mom”, and I tremble in fear at doing it wrong.

I have some experience with having my story narrated by another person, and I did not like it. He read with the wrong pauses, the wrong tones, the wrong voice. I believe that if I read them myself, they will sound how they are supposed to sound and be much, much better to listen to and understand. Is this just ego, or truth? I always enjoy a Stephen King story better when he is narrating it. He knows how it should sound.

So, I’ve got a mike and some programs to learn and a few short stories ready to go. Just working up the courage and needing a little advice or horrific warnings, if that’s what you’ve got for me.


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