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Button Probs

I have spent two whole days now, trying to figure out how to use all the buttons and what they do and none of them are the ones I want to change stuff. I already wrote a long blog several hours ago but I have not written anything on my stories because I have been too busy messing around with this new toy/site. Then I started reading all the blogs and four more hours went by. What is the point of being a writer if I spend all day playing with buttons and pictures trying to make a page that will help my writing? LOL I can’t make the pictures the way I want them, I can’t change the font colour in my title of my page and the stupid home, blog and contact buttons keep jumping back and forth and I can’t change their colours either. At one point I had bright orange borders and I couldn’t make them go away. I might have to write a really violent horror murder mystery after this, but I am so stubborn that I can’t leave it alone until I fix everything. At least I got rid of the flower pics, that was embarrassing. Well, have a good night/day and stay warm. Tomorrow I will write another writing blog, I promise. @#$%%& buttons.